Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Obama Express

I wonder if Tom Hanks will do the voice over? Oh wait, this isn't a cartoon, this isn't a pixar movie, it's reality. Sorry, I got confused. The decorations on the train looked a bit like a scene from Harry Potter, although I'm beginning to think Obama has the same type of powers. I think every gun around the world just stopped firing, I think every nuclear bomb just disarmed itself, I think every raging lunatic who wants us all dead just completed a 12 step program and joined the Red Cross.

How much is this inauguration costing? 45 million right? Or is it 50? 55? Who cares?! It's Obama! Bush got blamed for spending too lavishly on his big day, especially since it was in the middle of a war. But aren't we in the middle of an economic crisis? One that Obama himself said might get worse before it gets better? Ah but who cares right? This is historic! Why is it historic? It's not because he is African American is it? Because I seem to recall that during the campaign, people supported him, not because of his skin color but because he represented hope and change, a departure from the evil tyrant and human being that is George W. Bush. Hmm, but now that he got elected, we have Usher, we have Oprah, Sam Jackson, we have CNN putting out Obama clones to do the reporting of the inauguration. It is historic, but it's not because of his skin color is it? Had he lost, America would have been propelled back into the days of slavery, right? That's what many said; there would be rioting! Well thank God he won then; no rioting, just everyone holding hands and singing along to U2's touching lyrics.

But really, thank goodness he won, because now America will be loved by the world. Oh but wait, weren't there Obama posters and cardboard cutouts being burned in the Middle East during the war between Israel and Hamas? Seems to me that they don't care too much for Obama. Didn't Chavez just announce that Obama had the same stench as Bush? I wonder what cologne he was referring to. On that note, expect Obama to release one soon, but don't expect to get a plastic bag when you buy it.

Funny how as soon as Obama was elected, Israel mobilized and eventually went to war with Hamas, only to wrap things up in time for the inauguration. Obama hasn't said anything substantial about the crisis in the Middle East, but that's ok, he only became President today, give him a chance! But when he wants to talk about domestic affairs such as the economy, everyone shut up! The Office of the President-Elect has an announcement to make! I wonder, where is this office? Another Harry Potter reference maybe? Perhaps this office can just appear at the snap of a few fingers. No one really knows what Obama thinks about anything but who cares! This is just so cool, so historic, where can I buy an Obama victory dish? Let's just enjoy the concerts. How often to we get to see Bruce Springsteen sing for a democrat? This is a rare occurrence!

I am grateful for Entertainment Tonight for their continued efforts in broadcasting political news, I can't wait to hear what George Clooney has to say about all of this. Anyone see Will Smith? I think he's off shooting the new film, Yes, We Can! Is Oliver Stone involved in this one too? Maybe Brolin can play Biden, I think he's feeling pretty down at how "W" bombed at the Box Office, or maybe that's exactly what they wanted, sort of ode to the Bush Presidency.

But alas, this is historic....why? I'm not sure...it's how I'm being told to feel.

Maybe I'll pop in Polar Express.

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