Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's f&*5$#@ freezing

Living in Montreal, one must come to grips with the cold weather that graces itself upon the city every year. However, with the record breaking snow fall from last winter (which was still present in mid-July) and the deep freeze that just passed, one has to wonder when global warming will make its way to La Belle Province. -28, -30, -32, this was normal last week. It's any one's guess how our cars start in the morning.

Oh but wait, it's not global warming any more folks, it's climate change. Yes, climate change. I'm just wondering, what do they call it when the temperature goes up and down? What do they call it when it rains and then the sun comes out? Are we to assume that the next time it gets a degree warmer or colder that the earth is in danger of spinning off its axis or imploding on itself?

Recently, a headline in the local newspaper read something along these lines; "Colder temperatures in Holland, but scientists warn, do not confuse weather with climate."

Think about that for a minute, do not confuse the weather with the climate.......desperation like this hasn't been seen in a long time.

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