Tuesday, January 20, 2009

George W. Bush - Silvio Berlusconi

On the surface, they seem so different. Bush is most comfortable at his ranch in his home state of Texas while Berlusconi is commonly seen walking the historic streets of Milan, an industrial city combined with the world's fashion headquarters. Given this perceived culture clash, one would assume that they would have nothing in common....the fact is they couldn't be more similar.

Silvio Berlusconi - Born in Milan, self-made Billionaire, Italy's richest man, owner of the World's most successful soccer team and current Prime Minister of Italy.

George W. Bush - Born in Texas, wealthy businessman, former owner of a successful baseball franchise and current President of the United States.

The similarites go deeper than these brief biographies. Both staunch family men, men of faith, confident and unyielding, men of principles; specifically the promotion of free market capitalism, democracy, freedom, a strong military, family values and an adherence to the protection of the humanity of others. They also both happen to have an extemely good sense of humour and a bond that is second only to the one Bush shares with Tony Blair, as far as political friendships go. Bush and Berlusconi have not only shared backgrounds and personalities but over the last 8 years they have shared a devotion to a firm set of political initiatives and action that will stand the test of time. Berlusconi was an indispensible ally when the United States waged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and during a recent trip to Washington (where Bush honored Berlusconi as part of the Columbus day celebrations) Berlusconi announced to the American press that history will say that Bush was a magnificent President. Given Bush's approval ratings, Berlusconi's comments must have surely touched the outgoing President and as these two men stood tall as both the Italian and American national anthems played out in front of the White House, I believe no other President of the United States or Prime Minister of Italy will have the privilege of working with such a similar and patriotic counterpart.

Note: In Mona Charen's article on National Review's website, the close relationship between Bush and Berlusconi is touched on. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NTU3MjJmZDU4MzdlY2YwNWRkODIyNDJkMTVjZGUyZWU=

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