Thursday, January 22, 2009

CBC - Communist Broadcasting Corporation Part 2

To continue, the CBC’s favoring of the left in Canada has done wonders for its survival. As was already mentioned, Canada is typically a socialist minded nation but one must wonder; is it because Canada is typically socialist that the CBC does well or is the other way around? All Canadians have access to the CBC in one form or another and millions take advantage of this fact. If someone does not wish or cannot afford to purchase cable, they can still watch the CBC; there is no “cover” charge that the BBC requires. Now on the one hand, this certainly can be seen as a positive; the CBC does provide its viewers with continual News updates, domestically and internationally and has a variety of sports, comedy and dramatic television and radio programs that we can watch and listen to. The problem begins when this nation wide voice contains at times, vehement disregard for the political, social and cultural right. The CBC can typically be seen advocating for global warming (now climate change) awareness, a skepticism of private healthcare, anti-American sentiment, larger government (it would mean more money for them) and scorn at the right wing element that exists in Western Canada. Evidence of this fact is available by simply looking through their programming schedule; David Suzuki is perhaps their most popular figure and is a firm environmentalist and close friend of Al Gore. Shows such as Rick Mercer talks to Americans entailed the aforementioned host going around America interviewing “dumb Americans” who seemed to know nothing of Canada and finally one of the CBC’s in depth programs called, “The Passionate Eye.” This is perhaps the most angled and narrow minded program the CBC can offer. Their storylines are tailored to a specific audience and there is no attempt to present a balanced view point. It is here that the CBC attempts to convince the viewer of human rights violations in relation to terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay and in Canada, about the fast approaching climate crisis and about how evil America is in general. Now, what should be noted is that these programs have nosed dived in the ratings. Canadians are not interested in what the CBC has to offer; they enjoy American television shows as well as programs from Canada’s other media networks. And what is particularly shocking is that Canadians have absolutely no say in what the CBC airs, produces, writes and yet without the hard earned taxes of Canadians, it would not exist. How is this fair? How is this democratic? One of the things the CBC prides itself on is that it is dedicated to local programming; but it does not allow local Canadians to voice their interests or concerns. Rather, it is the CBC who decides what local Canadians will enjoy; obnoxious to say the least.
It is incomprehensible that this institution is not held accountable. It is important to highlight the CBC’s despicable attempt to solidify its place in Canadian Broadcasting by fending off the competition. Recently, when a vast number of Canadians demanded that they be allowed to have the opportunity to purchase FOX News Channel, the CBC was up in arms. They proclaimed that it was not democratic to allow such a biased network into the homes of Canadian viewers. Now, allow me to point out the hypocrisy as well as the sense of entitlement here. The CBC, proven to be heavily favored to the left, is accusing FOX News Channel of being biased; that’s rich. Secondly, the CBC feels that it is in a position to choose what Canadians will enjoy and not enjoy; the sense of entitlement and elitism here is shocking. What is worth mentioning at this point is that Canada has an agency called the CRTC which is a regulatory agency that oversees what is put on the air and what media is allowed into the country; socialism at its worst. The CRTC is behind this second point I am about to make. Italians in the Toronto region of Canada make up the second largest community of Italians outside of Italy. There are other Italian Canadians in Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. It was not long ago, that the CRTC refused to allow RAI into the homes of these Italian Canadians. Why? Because Canada had its own network called, TLN (Telelatino) which was supposed to be adequate enough for Italians in Canada who wanted to watch Italian news and programming from back home. Amazing! Here we have the CRTC implanting the full weight of their power to prevent RAI from entering Canada. After uproar from the Italian community during election time, the Liberal Government, already deeply out of favor with the public, demanded that the CRTC allow RAI into Canada but at a price. Those who wanted to purchase RAI were forced to purchase TLN as well; once again the seeds of socialism continue to blossom. So those who argue that the public was able to convince the government and its agencies must be careful; this was only allowed because of the fear the Liberals had of not being re-elected, and not because they felt that this CRTC regulation infringed on the rights of their citizens.
As I write this the CBC continues to produce shows no one will watch and continues its attempt to undermine George W. Bush and propagate Barrack Obama on the CBC pedestal. With the re-election of a Conservative minority government, the CBC is safe from any attempts to have it reformed. When the Conservatives were elected a few years ago, many argued that they would try to destroy the CBC by cutting its massive funding. However, even with a Conservative majority, the CBC’s power and influence spans across the country and runs deep into the fabric of Canadian society. Even if their programs are not all that popular, when many Canadians hear that the CBC may be destroyed (as the CBC puts it), they panic. They do not want to see such a beloved Canadian institution changed. However, this is what Canadians do not realize; the CBC is not supposed to be an institution. It is no longer even an extension of the government. It may get all its funding from the tax payer but because no one would dare question this funding, the CBC receives what it needs financially every year and does what it wants without fear of repercussion. It is in a world of its own and there is no sign that it will change.

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