Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can't wait to be stimulated

I'm feeling a little down today, but wait, stimulus packages across the board!

Billions of dollars that we're all going to have to pay for, going to, for the most part, companies who pissed away everything they had to begin with due to bad management, greed and entitlement, groups who are corrupt and radical and of course to other left leaning constituencies loyal to the Democrats and who endorsed Obama.

It will for the most part, evaporate and the citizens will be left with a tab, worse off than they were before or on par with how they are now.

Canada and Britain are doing the same; it's the flavor of the month. First it was elections, now it's stimulus and the majority of people couldn't care less or those who claim to care, think it's a great idea.

People are getting dumber by the day,
I think Adam Smith just rolled over.......
Those of you with a brain, read this article!!! - in a nutshell, it is saying that this package will not stimulate the economy at all, if anything, it will make it worse and bleed what little is left completely dry. Like pigs to the slaughter, we're letting our economies get turned into pork chops.

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